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The use of $/sq ft to estimate the cost of a project can be dangerous.

Every project varies significantly from one building to another, from one location or municipality to another, and from one season to another.
In new construction for instance, $/sq ft as a ballpark estimate is viable since conditions are controlled and somewhat uniform. During remodeling, a contractor encounters an infinite variety of situations and problems, which do not fit neatly into a $/sq ft.

Quick Kitchen Upgrades!!!

You can modernize your kitchen by replacing Cabinet doors and installing a new countertop. By painting or staining your existing cabinets you can make that kitchen look brand new. Installing pre-fabricated cabinets from a major vendor might seem like a good idea but in most cases your cabinets at home are made better.  

What is better laminate or hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring looks beautiful when done right. Yet it needs to be maintained over years of abuse. Laminate flooring doesn't need maitainace but if a major problem occurs in laminate flooring it is harder to replace. Hardwood is generally more expensive than laminate flooring. Both laminate and hardwood flooring have thier ups and downs. Knowing your budget and what your trying to accomplish will help you with your desicion.

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